More Range Rules

1. The shooter must be 21 years old unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
2. Two forms of identification are required. These will be left at the cash register until the shooter leaves the range.
3. No one is allowed in the range that is under influence of any drug.
4. Fire arms may be inspected at the check-in-center at the request of the Summit Shooting Center staff.
5. Any firearms or ammunition found to be unsafe or unserviceable will not be allowed in the Range.
6. All magazines and speed loaders must be unloaded.
7. Firearms are to be loaded at the firing line only.
8. All firearms in the store area must be in locked containers.
9. All spectators must be in viewing room only.
10. All persons entering the range will be charged accordingly.
11. Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times in the range.
12. Only Summit Shooting Center targets will be used.
13. Shooting at anything other than your own target is prohibited.
14. Wearing or drawing from a holster is prohibited.
15. The muzzle of all firearms must be pointed down at all times.
16. If leaving the Range temporarily, leave all firearms on the firing line unloaded with action open and the muzzle pointed down range.
17. If a misfire or other malfunction occurs, keep the firearm pointed down range and signal the range staff. Place the fire arm on the bench pointed downrange. DO NOT LEAVE THE FIRING LINE WITH A LOADED OR JAMMED FIREARM.
18. All ammunition is subject to inspection and approval.
19. No Handguns larger the .45 cal are allowed.
20. No rifles larger than .22 cal long rifle are allowed.
21. SUMMIT SHOOTING CENTER AND THE STAFF shall no be held liable for any damages incurred from the use of ammunition. Customer will resolve any issues with the manufacturer of the product.
22. No fast or rapid firing allowed. Allow at least three (3) seconds between shots.
23. Any brass removed from the range must be marked.
24. Only range ammo will be used in rental guns.
25. There will be no refunds of any kind for anyone expelled from the range.

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